About Us

Tu Phuong Plastic is a professional manufacturer for 20 years in mass production of thin film packaging with HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE virgin or recycled materials. Established by decision no.1246GP-UB of Hanoi People's Committee from 06/14/1994 from, so far, Tu Phuong's products have been in more than 20 countries and areas worldwide.


Tu Phuong Plastic sets the vision to become the exporter of packaging thin films which leads market in terms of quality, quantity and schedule.



Tu Phuong Plastic which provides thin film packaging products with the international quality standards, is a reliable partner for all customers.

For customers: we commit providing products and services for packaging with the most consistent quality, help customers optimize production and business efficiency.

For staff: we commit creating a professional, serious and modern working environment; optimizing of production and business activities so that each member has a prosperous life, full of economic and spirit.

For community and society: organizing  production and business activities in the spirit of social responsibility,  positively and activly participate in community and social activities.



✓  Certified ISO 14001 : 2004

✓  Gold member of the Vietnam Seaport Associations (VPA)

✓  Certified to meet EU standards on product packaging

✓  Certificate of biodegradable bags from EPI

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